Survival Gears and Staying Alive In Disaster Outbreaks

Survival Gears and Staying Alive In Disaster Outbreaks

Survival Gears To Keep You Alive

The thought that disaster can strike very close to us is not one opinion a lot of us really likes to hold. This is despite our experience of different past experience such as the deadly 9/11 attacks, the Kansas tornadoes as well as the costly Hurricane Katrina. The blank truth is that disasters, whether natural or man-made would usually happen and getting the appropriate survival gears would increase your chances of staying alive during these periods.


Getting your basic emergency gears and supplies does not necessarily mean you’re a pessimist or a doomsday fanatic, far from it. Being prepared just means you’ve understood that we live in a world where the unexpected can happen at any moment, at any place. Therefore, getting the proper survival gears, in this case, would help you approach the situation better, increasing your chance of survival along the line.


Home Emergency Survival Gear

Emergencies most time may affect your regular lifestyle, causing lots of restrictions and inconveniences. You may be faced with electricity problems that may include being disconnected from the grid. Water and food availability may also be limited in these situations. So basically, your supplies should have enough food and water, first aid, lighting, sanitation, shelter and some other basic supplies that may be needed for each and every member of the household.


More specifically, your gears should include critical supplies such as snacks and food bars, water boxes that can last for three days along with water purification tablets, tissue packs, thermal blankets, dust mask, generator, flashlight, vinyl gloves, first aid kit, solar radio, light sticks, nylon cords, duct tapes, waterproof matches, toilet bags, contact cards, emergency candles, Swiss Army knife, whistle, gas shut-off wrench, and many more.


Emergency Gears for All Locations

Because we usually do not get warned when most disasters strike, we never can tell where exactly we’ll be when this happens. If you are not at home, how then will you protect yourself or your loved ones? What is important is to ensure every possible location is equipped with the necessary survival gear so your chance of staying alive through the disaster is not jeopardized. You never can tell whether you’ll be in your car, at your workplace or probably at your children’s school.


Should You Go for Ready-Made Gears or DIY?

Since many people often find it difficult and stressing to create their own gears themselves, they’d usually opt for ready-made gears available in stores. This approach seems easier since you won’t have any trouble putting together the adequate emergency survival gears. These also have a longer shelf-life compared to what you’d be able to come up with.


While making your own plans, it also essential to keep your pets in mind too since they are also a part of your family. Their staying alive will also depend on you and your plans. Pets also have essential kits for emergency as well as their own supplies to help them live through disasters. Remember that even if you do not eventually have to use these gears all your life, they’d help you live each day with the peace of mind and knowledge that you won’t be caught off-guard.

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