Disaster Preparedness: 5 Tips to Prepare for Natural Disaster

Disaster Preparedness: 5 Tips to Prepare for Natural Disaster

Disaster Preparedness Means Having a Plan

With the spate of disasters and occurrences in recent times, the time has come for Americans to ensure they are always prepared so they are not caught off-guard when disaster strikes. It is not a matter of if but one of when as it is virtually impossible to call anywhere a safe zone. Disaster preparedness will help the average individual reduce the effect of disasters whether it is man-made like the September 2001 attacks or natural like Hurricane Katrina.


We’ll discuss some tips you’ll find useful in cases like this so you and your family can stay alive and are not caught off guard when disaster comes calling. So therefore having a plan for events such as these, whether they are man made or an act of god, is essential.


Knowing what to expect

Every geographical location all over the country has its own peculiar risk of disaster. For instance, Californians should know and prepare for earthquake disasters since the region is at risk. People in Montana can also prepare for emergencies other than hurricanes since they aren’t at risk of this occurrence. Knowing what to expect will help you understand how to prepare for the worst in such events.


Learn emergency skills you may need

Another way to ensure proper disaster preparedness in case of emergency is to learn basic skills that could help in mitigating the effect and impact when this happens. This can range from learning how to use the extinguisher in the event of a fire outbreak to basic first aid or knowledge of CPR. These and many more though may seem simple but can prove really useful during emergencies.


Have a basic emergency kit on ground

While you may not have that kit to combat the apocalypse or the doomsday, you should at the very least have basic emergency supplies available. When you want to take your disaster preparedness seriously, things like a basic first aid kit, water, and food supplies, as well as some other emergency essentials you may need should always be on ground. Additionally, you must ensure you have proper knowledge of their use as well as ensuring they are in good working condition. You can purchase individual items or a pre-packed kit online. Whichever you do, ensure you learn how to make full use of these.


Keep people who may need special help in mind

As you make your plans for preparedness, remember to put other vulnerable people into your plans. Seniors, infants, and physically-challenged individuals will need special attention so when you have people like this around, keep them in your plans. If you’ll need a special equipment or medication for any family member, ensure you have a plan to get this along with you. Also, remember your pets and you may as well get a pet emergency kit as well. Every member of the family should be safe too.


Have an evacuation plan in place

Would you really wait till disaster strikes to then start deliberating on how you’d escape with your family? Create your plans to include easily accessible evacuation routes. Also, have a regrouping location in place for our family to meet. This could include one location around your house as well as another one outside of your community in case you have to evacuate the neighborhood.


Preparedness is not always efficient if your plans are not practical. Check out the feasibility of your plans before doomsday. Don’t wait till the heat of the moment to discover there’s been an error with your calculations. Also, ensure your emergency supplies are functioning efficiently. Being ready is a social responsibility that all members of our society must embrace. In today’s America, know that it is not a matter of if but when.

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