7 Emergency Essentials Everyone Should Have in their Car

7 Emergency Essentials Everyone Should Have in their Car

7 Emergency Essentials For the Car


Disasters, whether small or of high magnitude are no respecter of time and places and they can strike just about anywhere they meet you. Could be home, school or right while you are on the road. This is why you still have to step up your prepping plan by ensuring you’re armed and well-provided should there be an emergency. In here, we’ll discuss seven of the most important emergency essentials you and your passengers will find very helpful just in case the unexpected happens while you’re right inside your car.



This is perhaps one of the first things you should think of when discussing emergency essentials for automobiles. Along with this, you should also get batteries or better still, a flashlight that charges with a hand crank so you won’t need a battery.


Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguishers are not also another important component of your emergency preparedness strategy. While shopping for one, endeavor to go for an ABC type of fire extinguisher as they are able to handle all types of fires, from class A dry fires to class B liquid fires, down to class fires from an electrical source.


First aid kit

Having a first aid kit as well as its instruction manual onboard is another great way to stay prepared. These emergency essentials kit would help you attend medical troubles with immediate effect. Endeavor to learn how each component in the kit works so you don’t have to be faced with sage issues when they need to be called into action.


Traffic Cones

The fact that it’ dark should not even put you into further troubles. With a reflective cone also known as a traffic cone, you’ll be able to notify oncoming traffic of our presence on the road so you don’t get to add a fender bender to your already frustrating troubles.


Tire Gauge

With a tire gauge, you’ll be able to check our tire levels for the one on the wheels as well as the back spare. These automobile emergency essentials will help you prevent avoidable troubles that could arise from a neglect of your tire pressure levels so you can refill as at when due.


Protective Gloves

You never can tell when the need may arise for you to attend to engine problems or electrical issues. Having a protective glove onboard will not only mean your hands do not get unnecessarily dirty but they’d also help to protect your hands from rough surfaces or keep you warm in cold conditions.


Window/Seatbelt Cutter

Window cutters are also other important emergency essentials you’ll want to keep onboard. Forget those Hollywood scenes where all you need to break the car windows is a slap with the hands. This cutter will help you cut out windows and seatbelts so you can exit to safety in case an emergency has made the car interior a threat to your survival.


The essentials come in different forms, for those you’ll need at the home, the office, as well as these here for your cars. You can check out our stores for more emergency essentials to help you stay prepared and better-positioned to handle natural disasters or man-made emergencies at any time and anywhere.


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