Prepping For Emergency: Avoid These 7 Silly Mistakes

Prepping For Emergency: Avoid These 7 Silly Mistakes

Avoid These  Mistakes When Prepping for An Emergency


The thought of staying alive and being prepared to tackle an emergency could overwhelm most people often leading them to commit silly mistakes that may invalidate the whole process. For some, their mistakes may come from careless neglect or in certain cases sheer ignorance. Whatever the case may be, find out what part of your prepping for an emergency you have been doing wrong. You don’t want to wait till doomsday to discover that lapse, nor do you?


Getting supplies without training

Its fine to have all of the needed gears and supplies but don’t forget to train and run drills too. If you continue to stock all your supplies without ever trying to assess the feasibility of your plans, then you may be setting yourself up for more disaster. Experience is the master teacher and your prepping plans should involve experimentation of your plans to make sure there are no loopholes.


Telling others about your supplies

Whatever your motive for this may be, telling other about your supplies and your prepping for emergency plans is such a bad idea that may spell doom for your chances of staying alive and well during an emergency. You never can tell what the situation may turn out to be and you won’t want to spoil your own chances by yourself in the event of a breakdown of law and order.


Improper food storage

No matter how buoyant and massive your food supply can be, if you don’t have a proper long-term storage plan in place, you may as well discover you’re left with little to nothing when disaster strikes. Would you want to open up that storage to discover your food has gone rancid?


Not taking water supply seriously

You may not know how much you need water even more than food until you run short of this. This is one of the most common mistakes people often make when they are new to prepping. While you’ll still survive without food possibly for weeks, you’d struggle to live a few days without water. Ensure you store at least a gallon per day, per person purified and stored in heavy-duty containers to last you through emergency if access to water is cut off.


Not keeping a survival library

Even during emergencies, you may still need guides and tips to help you through this period. Internet connection may be down and electricity problems may run all your gadgets and electronics down. In this instance, you’d benefit more if you have your resources in a book. So, don’t forget the role of a survival library in your emergency prepping plans.


Building an arsenal of weapons should not be seen as prepping

You never can tell what happens in an emergency and it’s no doubt you may need to defend yourself. But don’t make the mistake of seeing your arsenal as a prepping advantage. The real prepping involves those plans and supplies that will see you successfully stay alive, talk of food, water, gears, and others, after this, you can then give protection a deserved thought.


Not Prepping for Personal Disasters

In our obsession with natural disasters, we often forget that we may also encounter personal, economic disasters. This could include economic troubles, fires, home invasions, flooding, and other less-talked-about problems. Just as it will be difficult to survive natural disasters without proper prepping and training, it would also be difficult to survive these personal disasters without proper preparation in place too.


Your emergency prepping plans should involve the best gears, reliable, and designed to provide help and succor during troubling times. You may check out our store for the best of these as well as other outdoor gears so you can stay safe and protected while enjoying the outdoors.

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