Survival foods and MRE (Meals Ready to Eat)

Survival foods and MRE (Meals Ready to Eat)

Survival Foods for Emergencies.

It doesn’t matter if you want to throw away food that has already stayed long after expiring or you have a plan to make a stockpile of survival foods during emergencies. The most important thing is to choose to keep foods that don’t get spoilt so easily. Therefore, this article will list survival foods which can stay for long, and with great care, they can stay for a very long period of time.

These survival foods will need to be given a proper care if you want them to maintain their nature for a long time without getting spoilt. Therefore, keeping them in a dark, cool and dry place would be a great idea. Although most of the non-perishable foods get to change theirnatural taste with time, they still stay edible and safe for human consumption.

  1. Staple survival foods

You will have to be super careful when storing these foods as they need to be kept totally dry and away from humid conditions. In fact, it would be best if you can keep them in containers that are air-tight just to ensure they stay for long.

Some of these foods include rice, biscuits and dried cranberries.

2.Other non-perishable survival foods

These types of foods will change in texture and appearance with time which will only make them lose their natural taste. However, these foods don’t spoil and they can remain edible for a very long time regardless of the change in flavor.

Some of these foods are dried beans, honey, dried lentils, molasses and many more.

  1. Frozen non-perishable survival foods

These survival food items stay for long when in the open. However they can stay for long since when they are frozen their shelf life is increased. They include noodles, dried fruits, and dried pasta.

  1. Non-perishable base ingredients

Base ingredients are the best foods particularly when they are keptin air-tight containers and kept dry so that moisture can’t get to them. By so doing, you will not have to buy these foods again. They include baking soda, corn syrup and corn starch.

  1. Non-perishable seasonings

Seasonings are perfect survival foods as they can stay forever without getting spoilt, and they only change their taste by a small margin over a very long period of time. Therefore, keep them in air-tight containers and free from moisture. They include sugar, salt, spices, pepper and many more.

MRE (Meals Ready to Eat)

Meals Ready to Eat are military meals which include snacks, sides, and special meals, and made by the U.S military for their service men and women. These meals are developed to give the military all the nutrients required and still be able to carry them while they are on missions.

The fact that the MREs are ready to eat, they can be used as supplies in a variety of situations including camping, outdoor pursuits, backpacking and other emergency situations. These meals can either be taken cold or warmed up using a camp stove, MRE heater and many other methods.

What does MRE contain?

There has been a change in U.S military menus over the years, with a 70 new items being approved as improvements while the least accepted items have been replaced and the menus have been increased from 12 to 24. On top of that meals for vegetarians have also been included. These changes in menus are made every year, therefore you will find a different menu listing each year.

Generally, each MRE contains:

  • Entree: This is made up of spaghetti or Beef stew
  • Bread
  • Side dish: corn, fruit, rice.
  • Spread: Peanut butter or cheese spread
  • Beverages: dairy shakes, coffee, cocoa, tea

How are MREs consumed?

Just like the name suggests these foods are ready to eat and they can be consumed without cooking them, although it’s best to add water to the drink mixes. The sides and entrees can be eaten cold but they become so tasty when they are heated up or simply boiling them in water.

How long do they last?

MREs are made to have a shelf life of about three years if stored at 80 degrees Celsius. However, the shelf life period can be shortened and lengthened based on where they are stored. If the MREs are exposed to very high temperatures they will have short life spans. However, they can stay for a very long time and maybe darken in color but they would still taste fine.

Buying MREs

The U.S Government prohibits manufacturers of the military foods from selling them to the public and they even started posting notices indicating that commercial resale was unlawful. However, this notice did not stop people from selling them.

Some people would want to buy some MREs and they wonder where they can get them. That would depend on the type of MRE you would want to buy.



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