Survival Strategies to Staying Alive in a Disaster

Survival Strategies to Staying Alive in a Disaster

Urban Survival Strategies for Staying Alive

In virtually any situation, staying organized can make things much easier. Having an organized emergency preparedness plan and supplies could literally save your life should disaster ever strike. Here are some tips to help you organize your plans and strategies for staying alive. 

For argument sake let’s assume your home was destroyed in a flood. All your supplies are gone, all you have is your bug-out bag and you need to evacuate to a new place.

That’s one scenario.

Another scenario is if there’s a terrorist attack near to where you live. Suddenly, the entire area becomes dangerous because you don’t know if there are any other car bombs or militants in the vicinity. Getting out of there is your safest option to staying alive.

Both scenarios are possible, and they have one thing in common – you need to find shelter elsewhere. But where will you go?

For most people, one option would be to stay with friends or family. However, if you don’t have any, you may need to seek shelter at a motel or hotel. Things get a lot more complicated if you’re overseas and need to find a place to stay quickly during an emergency.

The truth of the matter is that choosing the wrong place can be even more dangerous than staying where you are. You need to be very careful and selective when choosing a place to stay. Here a few tips that you should remember when making your decision. Not only will they keep your belongings safe, but they just may save your life.

  • What’s the area like?

When choosing a place to stay, make sure you pick a motel/hotel in an area that is relatively safe. Staying in a dangerous area that is rife with crime, vagrants and other undesirable characters will just put you at risk.

Not only is there a higher chance of you being accosted outside the hotel, but your room may be compromised too because of the criminals lurking around.

  • Is there security?

Does your hotel or motel have security? If they do, that should be some relief… but do not be too relieved. In some countries, the security can be bribed and can’t be relied on to do their job.

Check if they are around at night. Does the place you stay in have CCTV cameras around to deter criminals? Is the area well-lit? All these are important questions that will determine how safe the location is.

  • Never the ground floor

Whenever you can, always pick a room in a hotel that has higher floors,. Staying in motels with rooms on the ground floor make it easier for criminals to access your living space and rob you or do worse.

  • Guests

Another point to note is the type of guests the hotel/motel has. Sometimes the enemy can be from within. If you’re staying in a cheap motel where there are unsavory characters, you just might be robbed by the people staying there.

On the flip side, if you stay in a place where there are prominent people, should there be terrorist attacks; the place you’re staying in may become a target.

  • Other tips

Besides the points mentioned above, common sense must be exercised when staying in a place that’s foreign to you. Do not give out personal information like your room number, etc.

Check all the emergency exits in the building and know exactly where you’ll go if you need to make a quick escape. Know where the closest hospital and police station is.

Follow the tips above on staying alive. During a crisis, it’s easy to panic and quickly take whatever you can get. Do not allow your fears to control you. Calm down and make the correct decisions that ensure your survival. Your life depends on it.

Urban Survival Strategies!

People often wonder if it’s safer to stay in the countryside or in an urban area during times of emergency. This is a difficult question to answer because it all depends on the nature of the crisis.

If there’s a pandemic and people all over the city are falling ill, you’ll probably be safer being away from all of them and residing in a farm in the countryside. However, if there’s a serious food shortage in the city and society and law enforcement has collapsed, the farms may become very unsafe.

Everybody and their neighbor know that farms will probably have food growing. So, that’s where they’ll head to get food.

That said, most of the time it’s the urban areas such as cities and sub-urban areas that are much more dangerous. During any crisis, the places with a higher number will become more dangerous because people are unpredictable, and you never can tell who might resort to desperate measures to get what they want.

Let’s examine handful urban survival strategies to take note of. Being aware of them will prevent you from being another statistic to many of the common crimes that take place.

  • Home security

Every prepper would do well to make their house as safe as possible. It’s best to hire a professional security consultant to do an audit and give you suggestion on how to boost your home security. Do not try to do it yourself. Most people just don’t have experience in these matters. Criminals can be very ingenious.

Ideally, your doors should be strong and reinforced. A CCTV camera at the different entrances, exits and blind spots will be very useful for seeing who is out there. Motion sensor floodlights that are triggered the moment someone skulks around in the middle of the night will send criminal scurrying for the cover of darkness.

You might want to keep a well-trained guard dog too. Never EVER hide spare keys outside the house. Most criminals know exactly where to look.

  • Stalkers

It is quite common when disasters like earthquakes or hurricanes strike, the majority of people have a propensity to gather at home. The only times they go out may be to the store, hospital, etc. For the reason that things are quieter outside, criminals may stalk you hoping for an opportunity to strike.

If you notice anyone stalking you, do not speed up. This will alert them, and they may quickly try to grab and overpower you. Instead, walk into a store nearby and ask the staff to call the police.

In the event, there are no stores around, reach into your handbag and have your pepper spray or whatever weapon of self-defense ready to use. Try your best not to give away that you’re aware of being stalked. You want the element of surprise.

  • Isolated areas

Avoid isolated areas as much as you can. Areas like parking lots that are poorly lit or deserted basement are perfect locations for criminals to strike. Even a shortcut through a park that’s lonely could be very dangerous if someone is aware of your daily routine.

  • Firearms

This is one of the best forms of self-protection but also the most dangerous. If you’re going to use them for self-defense, it’s imperative that you know how to use them well. When storing firearms at home, they must be easily accessible to you and yet, your kids should not be able to get to them. Always keep them unloaded.

If you hear noises in your home in the middle of the night, if you’re using a gun to protect yourself, always shout at the intruder and ask them to identify themselves. You do not want to fire blindly in the dark.

It could just be a family member getting food from the refrigerator. Horrible accidental shootings have occurred because people were panicky and too quick to use their firearm. It is so important to get proper training.

  • Vehicles

Make sure your vehicle is well-maintained and has enough fuel. You never know when you’ll need it to make a quick trip or evacuate. Transport is very important during times of crisis.

At the same time, be aware of your own safety. You can be car-jacked and even kidnapped if you’re not careful. Always have your doors locked and your windows wound up when you’re waiting at the lights.

This is especially important for women. Do not entertain strangers who tap on your car window when you’re out late. Be ready to hit the gas and escape the moment you feel unsafe.

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be safe. When things get desperate, people can get desperate and there’s no saying what a stranger might do to you if they have ill-intent on their mind. So, your best course of action is to always be ready and on guard. It’s not paranoia – its survival.

6 Tips to Use in a Survival Situation

Life can be extremely stressful when you’re in a crisis, the stress can get much worse. Being a flood victim, experiencing a hurricane tear through your neighborhood, being in a warzone, etc. are all traumatic events and situations that can leave you with frazzled nerves.

If you are stressed out, very often you’ll be able to notice symptoms such as rapid heartbeat, uneasy stomach, sweating profusely and even dizziness. You get easily irritated and angry. Small things may startle or scare you.

You feel depressed and can’t concentrate. You may have bad dreams, negative thoughts and find it difficult to sleep. All these symptoms are related to trauma due to stress.

Here are 6 tips that you can use to combat stress and calm yourself down. While things may me chaotic, you’ll not be undone by them if you keep your sanity.

  • Visualization

This is similar to what people do when practicing the law of attraction. By visualizing peaceful images or desired outcomes, you’ll be able to mentally remove yourself from the difficult situation you’re currently in. Like they say, ‘It’s all about mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.’

Visualize things getting better. Help arriving to ease your burdens, etc. Keep your spirits up with positive visualization.

  • Deep breathing

If you know yoga, that would be an excellent way to distress. If you don’t, try to take deep breaths to calm yourself down and oxygenate your body. Take a deep breath, hold it for 4 counts and slowly exhale. A few times of doing this and you’ll feel much more refreshed.

  • Planning

Planning makes you feel like you’re in control of the situation. One of the reasons so many people get stressed out is because they think that they’re not in control of the situation. They are clueless about what to do and this feeling of helplessness makes them panic.

By planning your next moves and being proactive, you’ll feel in control and be less likely to get stressed. The very act of planning is a proactive one and keeps feeling of despondency at bay.

  • Discussion

Talk to your family members and whoever is with you about the situation. By communicating with others, you’ll feel better because voicing your thoughts is an outlet for your pent-up emotions.

  • Exercise

When it comes to de-stressing, nothing quite beats physical exertion. During a crisis, you’ll have a lot of physical chores to do. Keep moving and get as much activity and exercise as you can. When you’re engaged in physical activity, your mind doesn’t have time to slip into the doldrums. An idle mind is a devil’s workshop.

  • Routine

Have a daily routine that you follow. Just because things around you are chaotic doesn’t mean that your life must be too. Having a routine and following it will keep your life predictable and less stressful during these tumultuous times.

The usual stress management tips apply even during crises. So, make sure you’re familiar with a few techniques that work for you and employ them if you find yourself losing hope and your spirits are sagging.

Mental toughness is all about finding fuel in an empty tank. Every prepper would do well to remember that when you’re going through hell, just keep going.



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